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Photographer in Training

Now that our business is jumping into offer Wedding Videography & Promotional Videos for other businesses we've gotten serious about getting Kev trained with a DSLR for him to 2nd shoot with me. These shots were taken by him, and edited by me, I think he's doing amazing!  When I first started my first shots didn't look anything like this but then again I seem to be a slow learner, tend to hit my head on the wall more than needed until I finally get it. With a few tweaks Kev will be shooting alongside me in no time. 
i love the color Turquoise, so we painted a few things around the house to Spring things up. Its been so gloomy, and it rained all day yesterday so seeing this bright blue around the house and all over Cas made my day 
not sure what he's doing here but i loved his expression lol 

Cas pretends to be a sales man around the house carrying DVDs in his Tricycle and 'selling them' for 2 cents each

these are my favorites, Cas and I during our homeschooling day reviewing a few of our lessons. 

A regular day school day at our home: yesterday we read his Bible,   This week's letter is the letter "P" , we finished "The God's Must be Angry", and "Stories from Africa" read a few other stories. We listen to music and look at art and talk about what we think and any observations he can make about them, patterns, rhythms, colors, emotions of singers, artists or subjects in the art etc. He also made lunch for himself, peanut butter, banana and honey sandwiches on Ezequiel bread, peaches topped with cottage cheese and his daily vitamins. Charlotte Mason, whom our curriculum is based is also stresses playing outside which we need to do more of... After he finished his schoolwork we went to Hullabaloo and then came home for dinner and he played for a bit. 

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