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Inviting you to Contribute to Our Kin Story

Our Kin Story sprung from an idea that documenting our own family outside of my (Jenne) own photography business is just as important as finding my next client. Our Kin Story is our family's story, told through weekly videos and images of our everyday lives, I said this would be a personal site but my goal here  has now morphed to not only document my family but encourage others to do the same with theirs. We now hope to inspire other families, mothers and  artists to document their families, this is why we are now inviting YOU to contribute your family videos and photography to Our Kin Story to be featured on the blog!

We want to see weekend mornings of dear hubby making pancakes and eggs for the kids, grandparents coming  from out of town to visit, kids playing a game of hide and seek with their cousins, anything under the broad umbrella of family. As I've mentioned before I am also learning the ropes of film-storytelling or video and would love to see other photographers grow in motion storytelling as well. Cas and I both enjoy watching videos I've made of him on my DSLR or iPhone alike, it bonds us together and it takes me back to a time that is passed but I can always relive for a few minutes over and over. I love hearing his laughs, listening to his voice, having little mementos to look back on and enjoying those moments again and again, most of all I love knowing that I will have these still when he is all grown and has flown away from home. I really believe there is nothing like these two art forms and when you put them together in a film there is no telling what emotions it can evoke.

How to contribute your weekly favorites:

Images and DSLR videos can be posted on the Our Kin Story Facebook page 

Instagram clips and images can also be submitted by hash-tagging #OurKinStory

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