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Going Paperless in the Kitchen

Our mission to simplify, consume less, be healthy, and live with intention has brought brought us a long way. We went from a 1,300 square foot apartment to a 900 sq foot duplex and plan to simplify even further still in the future by living in an RV in each we plan to travel the states with kids in tow. Until then however we are searching for ways to be kinder to the earth where we are now as well as save money along the way. One of those is turning our kitchen into a paperless kitchen. Say goodbye to paper towels that is what kitchen towels and kitchen rags are for. Paper napkins? those are history in our kitchen we are now using all cloth napkins and we couldn't be happier. 

One of my favorite things about going paperless besides saving trees and keeping added household trash out of landfills is all the cute napkin choices you have like the ones I purchased from etsy vendor SparklePower ( ), the napkin prints are just so adorable, they were made from old vintage sheets. A bit pricy but in the long run we will be saving so much more money by not purchasing paper, they also bring me joy with all the bright colors and patters,  I simply couldn't resist. I also bought a few vintage napkins at the local antique store for only 25 cents a napkin! Our home is stocked up on kitchen towels, dish cloths & napkins now but this weekend I found the cutest colorful Gingham pattern napkins at Target for only $7.99! You can also make your own with your favorite prints at the fabric store using a sewing machine and a little bit of skill. 

Here are some tips I suggest about going paperless: 

Use Napkins More than Once - one napkin can serve you for more than one meal, if it's just a little dirty it can still be used again. I sometimes use my old diaper wet bag to store used up dirty napkins until they make their way to the wash. 
Soak Used Towels & Rags - after using  kitchen towels or rags it's good idea to keep them in a plastic container filled with a mixture of soap and or vinegar & water, this will hinder bacteria from creating nasty smells as well as keeping stains from setting in
(P.S. Know the difference between a kitchen towel and a dish cloth.  Towels are for drying, think bathroom towel= dry your body, kitchen towel = dry your hands.  Dish cloths are for wiping up messes, there's nothing like finding dried up tomato sauce on your nice kitchen towels. Rags are generally repurposed fabric pieces ranging such as old at-Shirts a
So used to clean up messes.  Dish cloths are one step above rags but I use the terms for those interchangeably as they can be used for the same purpose. 
Air Dry  - if you are really into caring for the environment you machine wash the towels with hot water or better yet hand wash them then hang them up to  air dry instead of using the clothes dryer 

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