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Admitted to Ministry School

On my way home from a shoot on a Saturday when I got his text. Kev had been denied entrance to ministry school. He had worked so diligently on his admittance essay, collecting referrals, old transcripts and filling out the application form, we budgeted for the registration fees and prayed and prayed to hear back soon. The letter had been vague and knowing his spirits would be low when I arrived I quickly text back "Ask to know what about your application did they not find suitable for admission?" 

He did, and that same day he also quickly started looking at his next option, Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA . Just a few days later he was admitted (under much easier application requirements) and soon enrolled in a few classes scheduled to start for fall pending tuition assistance. The official letter of acceptance and confirmation of enrollment had no sooner arrived from Liberty when we heard back from his first choice school letting him know that he had been re-viewed and granted admittance to their bachelors of science undergraduate program after all.

 Through this experience God has done his work, he's taught us about patience, humility and faith. We needed to be patient when we waited for their response to being admitted, humble in acknowledging we are lacking  and asking what the application was missing or how it could have been better. And lastly but most importantly faithful, trusting in God that everything would work out according to his plan. 

Kev will start school this fall at Moody Bible Institute with the possibility of someday after the Marine Corps moving to Chicago, IL where we would be closer to family while he finishes his degree. We are looking forward to walking in the light of God and seeing what he has in store for our family.

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